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The Aruban currency is designated in florins written Afl.; referred to in speech as florins.  Silver coinage is based on 100 cents in denominations of  5c, 10c, 25c, 50c (the square one), Afl. 1.00 and the Afl. 5.00 square coin.  Paper currency is in the amounts of Afl. 10, 25, 50, 100 and 500.  The bank rate of exchange is fixed at Afl. 1.77 to one U.S. dollar.  Hotels and restaurants convert at Afl. 1.80; retail stores, supermarkets and gas stations convert at Afl. 1.75. 

U.S. dollars are readily accepted island wide.  Certain other currencies may be exchanged at local banks for a fee, which is also charged for changing travelerís checks.  There is no charge for using travelerís checks in hotels, restaurants and stores.  Major credit cards are accepted at most establishments.  Some require a legal form of identification; personal checks are not accepted anywhere. 
Cash may be obtained with American Express, Master Ė and Visa cards at credit card offices, banks, in some casinos and via Western Union.  ATMs are accepted ONLY at ABN-AMRO Bank, Caribbean Mercantile Bank and Aruba Bank and their branches.  The card must have Cirrus, Maestro, Master Card or Visa logo.  ATMs outside the U.S. accept only PINs up to 4 digits.  Instructions are given in English and Spanish.  Cash is dispensed in our local currency.  ATMs at other banks are for local bank clients only. 
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